The Granite Counter Top

Granite can be a semi-porous material, and a sealer is suggested for these granite types. Unsealed granite can absorb water or grease, creating permanent stains. A premium granite sealer slows stain absorption, allowing you to get to the spill and clean it up. Use our neutral PH cleaner for everyday cleaning.

When to Re-seal?

Many homeowners don't reseal until their granite starts to show stains. This is a mistake that can cause permanent damage. Once a stain is set, it can be there forever. Instead of waiting to reseal your granite surface, or until you see spots of water or oil damage, seal your granite regularly to help prevent these stains from occurring.

To keep your granite effectively protected, we apply our granite sealer at least once a year. Many granite surfaces are used daily, like a kitchen counter, the sealer will wear off and leave your granite vulnerable unless you have a resealing program.

We use a water-based impregnating sealer. The sealer works its way into the tiny pores and closes the pores, but the sealer doesn’t completely coat the surface or leave a topical coating.

The surface will be stain-resistant, but not stain-proof. You will still need to quickly clean up any spills, like coffee or wine, so the spill does not soak into the surface and stain the granite.

A granite sealer maybe important to maintain your granite surfaces

Natural Stone Showers

Using a squeegee after each use can minimize the soap scum and hard water deposits that build up in your stone shower. Weekly cleaning with a neutral pH stone cleaner will also help remove any build up; however, if the soap scum and hard water become to difficult to remove, Enviro Clean Grout Stone Care Inc. can clean, hone, seal or polish your shower and make it look fantastic once again. Remember to check labels on any cleaning products used in the bath to make sure there is no acid that could dull or etch the surface of the stone.

The best care you can give your natural stone is preventative care. Prevent etch marks, stains or scratches before they happen.