Enriching the environment with our deep cleaning residential services.

Enriching our environment naturally.

Enriching our environment naturally.

Enriching our environment naturally.Enriching our environment naturally.Enriching our environment naturally.

I would like to thank all the essential services people

enviro Clean has New products & Services

I would like to thank all the essential services people.

Thank you!

Be Strong!

Since 2007, Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Inc., has cleaned, tile and grout surfaces, sealed miles of grout, 

cleaned some interesting showers, and polished the most beautiful marble, travertine and limestone floors in Edmonton.

We have a new program called the "My Clean Space Program".


My CLean Space is all about cleaning, really deep cleaning with natural disinfectants and natural tile and grout cleaning.

Do you have odors (basement, drains, kids closet) in parts of your home? Do you have clutter that you want removed? 

 What about deep cleaning all hard surfaces (most people only have time for surface cleaning)? 

If opening a window, changing the air filter on our furnace or running fans does not seem to 

clear up stale or dead internal air, My Clean Space can help. 

Contact us at 780-417-9080 to learn more about My Clean Space.

Maybe our homes need a fresh start too!

For more information please call 780-417-9080.

What We do

My Clean Space

tile & grout MAINTENANCE clean

Grout sealing Programs

My Clean Space

If you have your day to day cleaning under control, let us do the really dirty work. We understand how busy homes are these days.

Sometimes opening a window isn't enough to remove the odors and stuffy air from our homes.

 We love to clean, really deep clean a space.

 My Clean Space Program uses natural products for disinfecting hard and soft materials and natural cleaning products for tile and grout cleaning.

Grout and tile cleaning is also part of

 the My Clean Space Program.

Dirt and Grime in Grout

 Spills, stains and grime get trapped in grout.  Enviro Clean uses EZ Clean our probiotic cleaner to deep clean your tile and grout, leaving a clean fresh smell in your home. 


Please allow Enviro Clean to be part of your home cleaning project. 

Call 780-417-9080 to schedule an appointment.

Create a fresh and clean environment in your home with our My Clean Space program. Reward your self with a clean, fresh environment.

Call 780-417-9080 for more information

Grout sealing Programs

tile & grout MAINTENANCE clean

Grout sealing Programs

Does your grout have Stain Memories?

One day you will realize that your tile and grout floor has devoured one too many spills. You look down at your grout and smile at the "Stain Memory" of Elsa's first time with a spoon, food was everywhere. It's then you realize the stain created a memory. 

"Stain Memories" can happen anytime, come in many colors and are a growing colony of organic matter. 

Tried everything? Soon the grout has 

more stain memories, and additional discolored areas. 

Then one day you look at your 

tile and grout and wonder when you joined the "Nasty Grout Club."

Dirty grout happens to everyone! 

Dirt and grime love to hide in the porous structure of grout, altering its colour and transforming your floor. On more than one occasion, efforts have been made to restore the grout with abrasive brushes and strong multi-purpose cleaners - you may even begin to dislike your floor! 

Enviro Clean replaces

"Stain Memories" with our 

tile and grout cleaning service.

Grout cleaning is a fresh start.

Contact us to "renew" your tile and grout surfaces. Enviro Clean uses beneficial environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We leave good, clean grout behind.

tile & grout MAINTENANCE clean

tile & grout MAINTENANCE clean

tile & grout MAINTENANCE clean

Refresh your Floors!

Look at your kitchen floor, your back entrance and your bathrooms. Is the dirt and grime back? How's your sealer? 

Is it time to have us back?

Enviro Clean has many customers that date back to 2007. We want to come back and do it a deep clean and maintenance seal on your high traffic areas. 

At very affordable pricing. 

Our My Clean Space Program ensures we only use environmentally friendly cleaners and disinfectants. 

Stone Care

Fire Place Cleaning

tile & grout MAINTENANCE clean

Are You A Shiny Or A Honed Person?

Before we realize it our stone has lost its' luster  Grit and dirt tracked in from outdoors and scratch the surface of your Marble, Travertine or Limestone floors. Contact the stone professionals to revive your floor, counter or shower.

Fall in love with your natural stone again with our marble polishing program.

Granite Tune-up

Fire Place Cleaning

Fire Place Cleaning

When was the last time your granite was sealed?

 Granite is strong, durable, and moisture resistant. And while you don’t have to seal it when it’s used as a countertop, it’s recommended. 

 To learn more about our Granite Tune-Up Program contact the professionals at Enviro Clean

Fire Place Cleaning

Fire Place Cleaning

Fire Place Cleaning

 Fireplace cleaning for your cozy room. 

Your fireplace has seen many family gathers and

 has had its' share or late nights and blankets. 

How about some fireplace TLC! 

Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care can clean up your fireplace 

CALL 780-417-9080 for a free consultation.

Enriching the environment with our cleaning products

Grout & Stone Care grout & tile cleaning, marble, travertine & limestone  polishing, clean.

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Let us give you a quote for your first cleaning!

We are here to help?

Freshen your home with Enviro Clean's cleaning services. 

Not only do we deep clean your tile and grout to remove dirt and impurities, but we will also disinfect your home. 

Decluttering a space, deep cleaning surfaces (both soft surfaces and hard surfaces), refreshing a space with our cleaning methods will revitalize an internal space.

Enviro Clean enriches the environment through cleaning.

MAINTENANCE CUSTOMERS, let's do it again!

Allow, us to deep clean your tile and grout, refreshen your color seal and bring the smell of clean in your home.

We have great maintenance packages for our previous tile and grout customers. 

Call TODAY so we can get you ready for summer! 

Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Inc.

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