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Enviro Clean Grout and Stone Care

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I thought my grout was sealed.

Who has time to constantly maintain light coloured grout? Spills absorb, walk paths appear, and now missing grout. How maddening! Grout that absorbs is not sealed allowing stains to penetrate into the grout. Our special sealer will help protect grout, making spill clean-up a breeze. Like in our egg video, the broken egg is easily cleaned because of our sealer. The grout colour does not change, the egg does not absorb into the grout, and the grout still looks fantastic. What more could you ask for?

  • We offer easy to care for grout. Everyone loves that part.
  • Yearly Grout Maintenance is a GREAT Annual BIRTHDAY GIFT!
  • Great Grout improves a mindset! Clean floors, invisible grout repair, special grout protection.
  • We also fix "someones" repairs.


"Looking your best starts with your floors."

Welcome, to My Clean Grout! We are glad you are here!

Homeowners that own grout, wished they didn't.

Watch our special sealer in action.

Grout continues to remain a mystery to the grout caretaker. No matter how much you try to keep up with your grout, one day you notice the CHANGE.

GROUT PROBLEMS occur in a kitchen, entry ways or bathrooms, crumbling grout leaves pot holes in visible areas. Matching the grout colour to discoloured floor is not the best solution. Our special gout cleaning service deals with common grout issues. Watching our video, notice how easy spill clean up is, the grout colour remains uniform and intact, grout colour with sightless repairs, and spills do not absorb. Do you think she is happy with her easy to maintain grout?

"Spills Happen, Stains Won't"


My grout? I'm really not sure anymore.

yvette w
yvette w
Sue really saved me at a busy time when I was prepping my mom's house for sale. We had an older bathroom and Sue made space for me last-minute to come in with one other person and clean the tile grout on both the floor and walls. It was a real transformation and made the room look clean and fresh for the sale. Great price and value. As a bonus, she was friendly and kind during a stressful time. Highly recommended!
Candy Keshwani
Candy Keshwani
Susan came to restore my very large expanse of stone tile. This took several days and never interfered with the function of the house and was very well done. Susan is knowledgeable likeable and the whole experience has been a joy. My floor looks fabulous again and is much easier to maintain. I will definitely call Susan again
Linda Simpson
Linda Simpson
It's been almost 3 years since Sue did our floors and they look as good today as the day after they were done. Sue did an amazing job and is personable, professional and responsive. Thank you Sue!
Sue is responsive and professional in her business. Earns trust and demonstrates superior customer service. Glad to recommend for stone and grout refinishing.
Arek Smykot
Arek Smykot
All I can say is that the work they did left me speechless! They made our home beautiful again. We recently moved in and the grout was disgusting. It now looks like brand new. Sue was so friendly and informative. I wish all service companies were as good as they are. Don't hesitate, book an appointment immediately!
Heather Loughlin
Heather Loughlin
We are thrilled with our kitchen floor and bathroom! They look brand new again - what a difference! Well worth it. Sue was professional and eager to make sure customers are satisfied with the final results. Tremendous service - 10/10. Would highly recommend.
Lisa Cassiano
Lisa Cassiano
Sue is amazing. She came to clean my mattress was very professional. The mattress is like new now. I’m so satisfied and would recommend her services to everyone. Thank u again Sue
Sue repaired grout in the base of my shower and she did an immaculate job. It looks brand new and it was unsightly before she worked her magic! Also want to mention that Sue cleaned and sealed the grout in my back entrance 12 years ago, today she checked it and noted it was still sealed and the soil has not made its way into the grout therefore I can easily clean it off the surface. She does amazing work and I would highly recommend her.
Catherine Hammond
Catherine Hammond
Sue cleaned my travertine shower, counters and floors yesterday as well as some ceramic tile in my kitchen. What a great job! She got all the marks out of the travertine and the grout looks brand new. She suggested a slight change in the grout colour in the kitchen and it looks so much better. Today Sue came back with some cleaner for me to use and she brought a piece of waterproof stripping to replace what was on the shower door - not part of the contract - thanks Sue, really appreciate your thoughtfulness and standard of work!
Shannon Landry
Shannon Landry
Sue and her team were great when they cleaned our grout on our main floor. I am happy to report that 6 years later it looks as good as the day they finished. I would highly recommend them.

Tile and grout cleaning questions?

Yes, we replace missing grout. Missing grout is a focus point, and a difficult repair. One of the benefits of our services would be easy to maintain grout and invisible grout repair.

Yes, if your grout is changing colour when it gets wet, it is not sealed and will be difficult to keep clean. Our special sealer protects grout from spills and retains it colour as you care for your floor after we are complete. we will deep clean your tile and grout and then apply our special sealer. You will LOVE the transformation!

What changes with a clear seal? Nothing! Your grout still looks tired, grout repairs are visible, and clear sealers don't really last long. If you are hoping for colour uniformity, easy spill clean up, and grout protection against spills, you hire us.

There is no smell, no dust no mess. Enjoy a new floor in a few hours.