Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care

Enviro Clean Grout and Stone Care


What is a GROUT RESET? 

Busy back entrances can great dark grout lines.

A transformed grout floor, of course.

Someone needs to do it!

Momma needs a little help around the house, laundry, dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and floor cleaning.

“It all adds up to someone needs to do it.”

Has grout gone bad?  

Entrances, kitchens, and walkways can be reset in a day.

Call for a free consultation. 

Un-Haapy Wife
Great Birthday Gift.

Wrong grout colour? We've Gotcha!

When the tile guy came he said we order this grout colour, it sure looked different in the store.

More than once we have corrected the grout colour without grout removal. The colour is an exact match to the grout manufacturer, we have colour uniformity, and the grout is very easy to clean after out process.

Wrong grout colour

Wet your grout, did it go dark? You need a sealer!

What floor would you like to look at?

Textured Tile Can come clean

We know textured tile can be a challenge for many homeowners. We wonder when you are going to call for a cleaning.

Textured Tile Cleaning BUTTON
Marble Polish

Natural Stone - Marble Travertine, Limestone, Slate, Granite.

Marble Polish

Marble Care Service.


Ready for a stone restoration? We are so glad you asked. Marble, Travertine or limestone we care for them all.

Call for a free Stone Consultation today!

Stone Cleaning BUTTON
Marble Polish

Shower Cleaning Service. Absorbing grout in a shower can smell over time.

Shower Cleaning Service. Absorbing grout in a shower can smell over time.