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Flooring Reset.

Do you want GREAT GROUT? Then you gotta start here.

Consider a GROUT RESET.

If you are struggling with your grout today, do you think it will get any better tomorrow?

Every floor, house, cleaning regime, occupants, tile, grout, and number of homeowners all contribute to your current situation.

So much about floor cleaning is out of your control.

Are you HAPPY with your grout cleaning results?

Grout? What is that?

Grout? I give up!

I've tried so many things. I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore.

We are very happy with our cleaning results!

Let us compare our tile and grout cleaning EXPERIENCE to yours. 
  • We have great results cleaning and sealing grout.
    How are you doing? Are you happy with your results?
  • If you have holes or missing grout, will the repair be completed to your satisfaction?
    Our repairs are invisible. 
  • We can transform your grout, can you?
Surrender to Great looking Grout, the reset is worth the investment.

We know you can care for your tile and grout, but sometimes a RESET helps.

We hold a successful track record of satisfying our customers. 

Why not start here and avoid the grout cleaning experiment?

Book a free, PERSONALIZED cleaning consultation.
RIP Nasty Grout

Enviro Clean offers a Grout Reset?

What is a GROUT RESET?

When your tile and grout are beyond your cleaning efforts and you would like to start over that’s a reset.

If you have tried to clean your visible dark-stained walking paths, without success, you may desire a grout reset.

Only you know when you want to surrender your grout to a professional grout cleaning company.

Enviro Clean can reset your grout in one day.
We offer a tile, stone,  and grout cleaning service.

Nasty grout can stink! Spills, cleaning habits, multiple homeowners, and pets all contribute to nasty grout and an unpleasant aroma to a home.

Tile and grout cleaning will refresh your grout and air quaility.
We offer invisible grout repairs to missing grout.

Over time grout becomes brittle, and falls out and is difficult to match grout colours when repairing.

We not only repair the craters in the center of the floor but also under counters, stairs and doorways. Great grout begins with us.

Grout sealing with our special sealer.
Check your grout, is it sealed?

Wet grout darkens when water is present, this explains why your grout is absorbing everything, it’s not sealed.

After we deep clean your tile and grout, and grout repairs are completed, we seal the grout with our very good sealer.

We have a special sealer which stops absorption and provides easy grout care and we have your grout colour available.

Come home to fresh clean, and easy-to-maintain grout.
Every husband will realize the importance of this gift. Happy wife, happy life!